I like to stand at the door of my classroom and greet my 8th graders with, "Wuz up my nerds?"
They act like they hate it, but I know that deep down they love it... and think I'm AWESOME!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Clearly Confused

Never assume an 8th grader has any idea of what you are talking about. Example:
Me: So in a way, it was like she was making her own kind of Frankenstein.

Student: Oh, I know Frankenstein. This guy went to a party and he dropped his cocktail in the weeds. Then the weed caught on fire, the guy got high, and he invented Frankenstein.

Me: What? I guy got high and invented Frankenstein?

Student: Yea. When all the weed caught fire.

Me: Wait. What are you talking about? A guy was leaving a party and he dropped his cocktail.

Student: Yea

Me: And he dropped his cocktail in some weed that caught on fire causing the man to get high?

Student: Yea. There was weed all around and it caught on fire because he dropped his cocktail.

Me: Jamil, are you talking about a Molotov cocktail? Like the bottle with the cloth in it that you light and throw?

Student: Yea. A guy threw his cocktail in a bunch of weed and it caught on fire. Then he discovered Frankenstein. He was up in that tower, ringing that bell, with the big ‘ol lump on his back.

Me: Are you talking about the Hunchback of Notre Dame?

Student: Yea. Wait. What? I’m confused.

Me: Clearly

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